Hi, my name is Simona,

I’m a world traveller, nature lover, photographer, curious person and music lover.

I’m grown up in a beautiful remote part of Tuscany called “Garfagnana”,
located between two chains of mountains immersed in nature.
Since I was a child, my big passions were make and discover new art and  to travel all around the world.

I completed my high school studies in Lucca, a medieval city not far away from my little village.
Then I moved in Carrara, to start my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts.
At the age of 21 I decided to move in Milan, where I graduated in photography

During the last years I lived in Paris, where I was able to enjoy and discover new art.
Then I moved in Amsterdam where I’ve worked as a pizza maker and tour guide,
moving trough the beautiful canals with my bike.

I also had the chance to work as a tour guide in the beautiful natural cave in Garfagnana
called “Grotta del Vento”
(Wind Cave), bringing people inside this natural jewel to discover a hidden magical world.

I’ve been living in Australia for one amazing year.

Currently I am moving around in Asia, discovering new places every day.